9mm polyester fiber acoustic panel

The Polyester fiber acoustic panel is an ideal decorative and acoustic material, made of 100% polyester fiber and has good performance: eco-friendly, fire-resistance, heat insulation, moisture-proof . Many patterns and colors are available to meet different levels of acoustic styles and decorative requirements. 

acoustic panel(1).jpg

Polyester fiber panel is made of 100% polyester fiber. It is a good acoustic and decorative material with characteristics of environmental friendly, heat insulation, mildew proof, easy cutting, easy removal and simple installation etc. There are varieties of patterns and colors and can be used to meet different styles and requirements.

Polyester fiber material has various densities and good air permeability, and is an ideal product in sound absorbing and heat insulating materials. The highest sound absorption coefficient is above 0.8 in the noise range of 125~4000HZ. Used as indoor sound absorbing material,  it can effectively shorten the reverberation time, absorb excess reverberation sound, improve hearing adjustment, and improve language clarity. Therefore, polyester fiber acoustic panels are widely used in the field of architectural decoration.



Standard Size:2420*1220, 1200*600 , 600*600mm

Standard Thickness:9mm, 12mm

Installation:Use glue or nails to fix it